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Autumn/Winter 2023 Limited Edition


  • Image of Autumn/Winter 2023 Limited Edition
  • Image of Autumn/Winter 2023 Limited Edition
  • Image of Autumn/Winter 2023 Limited Edition
  • Image of Autumn/Winter 2023 Limited Edition
  • Image of Autumn/Winter 2023 Limited Edition

A little end of the year Limited Edition release, to get us through the upcoming cooler months. One of the best ways to wear fragrance in winter is to dab some perfume on your favorite fluffy scarf and wrap yourself up in its cozy goodness. In this release you'll find something to suit your style whether it be moody and dark or airy and light.

Ingredients: Mixed-Media
Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Available Fragrances:
Means black flower in Italian. This dark, floral scent will make you want to don head-to-toe black and smoke clove cigarettes. A heavy, deep exotic floral with a very long-lasting dry down that lingers and lingers.
Notes: Amber, Burgundy Carnation, Velvet Blood-Red Rosebud, Ghost-White Petals, Exotic Incense, and Musk

As the last lazy days of summer fizzle away, the golden light of autumn reminds us of the shorter days and longer nights to come. As the droves of tourists leave this beautiful island, the natural landscape reverts to its wild state, the night air redolent of native plants and sea-swept cypress.
Notes: Salty Ocean Breezes, Citrus, Fig Trees, Aromatic Herbs, Almond Blossoms, and Rock Rose.

With ghostly-white petals and blue-black centers, this hauntingly beautiful flower does not produce a detectable scent. This fragrance is a fantasy representation, what a perfumer might imagine, and also a symbol of the promise of winter. A serene snow-blanketed landscape with bare trees silhouetted against the pale sky, no sign of spring in sight, but sleeping bulbs lay in wait.
Notes: Fresh Clean Snow Drifts, Light Musk, White Daisy, Cherry Blossom, Tagettes

Available Options:
■ 1mL sample, parfum extrait, oil-based, in a glass vial with dipping rod
■ 9mL parfum extrait, oil-based, in a back rollerbottle

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